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Health Care

Phil understands the need for good health care.

 But a one size fits all solution coming from Washington is not the right answer. Individuals should be able to decide what type of health care is appropriate for their personal situations and healthy individuals should not be forced to subsidize plans. Also the IRS should not enforce these unpopular health care policies. The IRS should not be involved in healthcare.

Obama Care

The Affordable Care Act is supposed to provide health care to all Americans and save on individual health care costs. For most Americans, the reality has been sticker shock and an intrusive government reaching into the most basic of individual freedoms – the freedom to control one’s own health.

For many Americans, Obama Care has meant higher premiums and deductibles for the same health care they previously owned. For Americans who were able to get health insurance for the first time, many soon realized they could not afford the deductibles and therefore in reality had no practical insurance. And for many other Americans, Obama Care forced them to pay for health care that was against their moral beliefs.

Phil Law believes our health care system needs to be reformed but not by an over-reaching government bureaucracy. “We have the best health care system in the world. We need to keep what is good but make it more accessible to all Americans. We need to provide tax incentives for companies to provide health care to their employees without adding cost. And for unemployed Americans or workers between jobs, we need to provide a basic health insurance tied to unemployment benefits.”

We already have the best health care system. We do not need socialized medicine as it exists in many parts of the world. While it is necessary to provide access to health care to all Americans, it is also necessary to preserve the right for all Americans to choose their health care and health care provider. Phil Law will work to repeal Obama Care and replace it with a reformed Health Care system that preserves these rights.

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