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We have to build the wall now!


Immigration and Border Security Separate Issues

America is a nation built by immigrants, and I honor and respect that history. However I believe our immigration policy must also honor our respect for the rule of law. Our immigration policy must not penalize immigrants who have followed the rules by allowing others to cut in line. Immigration and border security are two separate issues: immigration is a legal process by which foreign nationals come to the U.S. for travel, work, education, or to live.  Border security is how we deal with those trying to enter our country illegally. Border security is a national security issue, not necessarily just immigration issue.

Legal Not Illegal Immigrants

I support strong policies that put border security first, make it tougher to obtain and use false identification documents, and take common sense steps to prevent terrorists and drug cartels from operating inside the United States.

Once this is in place we need a comprehensive policy that lawfully welcomes immigrants to the US and effectively utilizes their resources to enhance our economy and strengthen our diverse culture.

Law 4 Congress Committee
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